I already gave you my schpiel about how we mostly already covered this…so I’ll just move on to the West Coast Avengers Team Pack review….

The Good

War Machine – A killer paint job, shiny and sparkly in all the right places.  War Machine gives us nice tight joints and the same articulated shoulder weapons that we have grown to love.  We also get nice explosive accessories that fit well over the shoulder weapons.

Mockingbird – It’s nice to have Mockingbird.  It’s nice to have another 70’s garb character.

Hawkeye – Hands down the nicest most complete iteration of the classic Hawkeye character.  Excellent color tight joints and I again love the arm guard.

The Bad

War Machine – Between MU and Iron Man lines….we have a lot of War Machines. This one is probably my favorite but I could have gotten by and they could have given me an Ant Man or something…

Mockingbird – Based off of the older frail female buck (at least I think).  It’s occasionally tough to even get her to stand.  Her club weapon has some trouble staying together and fitting in her hand.

Hawkeye –  You have given me this neat little arrow…unless I glue it to his hand it’s really more annoying to have than not have.

The rest

This is a respectable team pack with a nice update even if they are double dipping, on some solid characters.  It’s also always nice to get a new character.  I think these are still in stock at BigBadToyStore, so go get em! 

And now…the pictures.

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