Marvel Universe Wave 23
Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends…wait a minute.   Never mind, this is ending quick, everyone get your cases and burn this mother f……no that’s not it either.  We’ve got this wave and another left in the Marvel Universe toy line.  Mix in a few team packs that we can even hope to be able to find, and then, we will have a re-brand.   Some look upon this course as exciting, others look with nervousness.  I look …at Wave 23, because it’s in my house, now let me share it with you!


The Good

  • This mold is bulky and makes Abomination look just about as lumbering as he should.
  • The head sculpt is outstanding.  Very fine shape detail.
  • Abomination’s feet fit just right.

The Bad

  • Abomination doesn’t come in a 2-pack with A-Bomb.


Iron Man

The Good

  • Iron Man is presented in a deep black with stunning bright blue racing stripes that almost glow.
  • The mold detail here is incredible, back of the hands, knee joints, knees down, chest and back, this is by far one of the most detailed figures I’ve seen in this line.

The Bad

  • This Iron Man is awesome, but he’s not the new Guardians of the Galaxy version…so, points off for that…
  • The true shame in this Iron Man, is that similar leg detail could have been applied to Nova from two waves ago and it would have made that figure EPIC.
  • Praise of Iron Man’s sweet legs aside, the knees do suffer from a little of the poor QC wonkiness seen in recent waves.


Baron Zemo

The Good

  • Correction – This figure is not exactly the same as SDCC 2012 Exclusive Masters of Evil.
  • Difference 1 – No fur at the top of boots, instead we have folded boot tops.
  • Difference 2 – painted fur at the shoulders, on the SDCC it was just a white(ish) color.
  • Difference 3 – Overall darker, more glossy / metallic paint application.
  • Excellent single carded figure for anyone who missed their SDCC 2012 opportunity.
  • Great representation of the actual character.

The Bad

  • Hands are too wide open to hold any of the weapon accessories that he comes with.
  • Missed opportunity to do a head swap for the version of Zemo with a cowl versus a tight fitting mask.



The Good

  • Cloak is based off of the frail mail buck.  Normally it drives me nuts but it works here, because Cloak is really just the cloak.
  • The cloak detail is very impressive, fine lines, brilliant color.
  • Face is well captured.

The Bad

  • It is a punch to the gut that Cloak is not in a 2-pack with Dagger.

Honorable Mention

Grey HulkSee Running Change Comparison


Ghost Rider See Running Change Comparison


The rest

There is a strong argument to pick up every figure in this wave, including the running change variants.  The next problem though, will be finding Dagger and A-Bomb.  Happy Hunting!


 Big Bad Toy Store is listing the pre-order of this wave / cases to ship in August and September.  Knowing that the end of the line is nigh, it’s hard to believe that Targets and WAlmarts will be placing big or any orders at all.  Best to pre-order and know what is coming.

And now…the pictures…of the whole wave together …like friends

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