Marvel Universe Wave 23 – Dagger
There has been a lot of speculation and controversy over the better half of Cloak and Dagger with regards to the Marvel Universe Toy Line.  Would she show up packed with Dagger?  Would she be the primary, would he be the variant?  Would it be a traditional 2-pack with a comic, or some hybrid 2 figures on a single card version?  This all sounded too good to be true that we’d be able to dream of getting two figures on a single…single card.  Well, it was.  Wave 23 is available in more than a few places now and initial case assortments feature Cloak without Dagger in a box…without Dagger.  She has however, popped up in a few places, both MOMC and loose.  Since I reviewed Cloak a little while ago, and the card is the same, I went the loose route to try to get these images to you sooner than later.  Unfortunately, US customs saw differently, so I apologize for the delay.  Tune in tomorrow for our look at A-Bomb!


The Good

  • If a 3 and 3/4 inch figure can have an epic paint job, this is the one.  The shimmer in the white captures the essence of the character perfectly.
  • Facial detail is exceptional with comic accurate facial detail.
  • Made on the new(er) female buck, we get excellent articulation.
  • Looks awesome standing next to Cloak!

The Bad

  • As with many of the recent female figure releases, Dagger’s knee is just a little jacked up.
  • No accessories for a figure that energy blasts would have been perfect.
  • SMH! How is this not a two-pack!

The Rest

As the Marvel Universe Toy Line winds down to a close (1 more wave and a few team packs left!), we continue to see overall strong releases of characters that many thought we would never get.  I’m happy to have Dagger in my collection, and even happier that it made sense not to put her in her own case, but toss her in with Dagger.  These cost savings brought to you by me….


You can find her today on eBay, I won’t even wager a guess at when you might see her on shelves.

And now

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