Marvel Universe Wave 23 – A-Bomb
As with Dagger, A-Bomb was estimated to be the impossible to find running change of one of the final waves of the Marvel Universe Toy Line.  He wasn’t cheap, but I wouldn’t consider getting your hands on him an impossibility…you just have to want it!  We took a look at the ‘main’ figure in the wave, Abomination, with the Wave 23 review.  He was pictured on card and the card is the same for A-Bomb, both figures are featured on the front, also, I collect and display loose so I apologize for not killing myself to try to show you carded images here.  I’ll ask that you use your imagination…just a little bit.


The Good

  • The molding details to differentiate A-Bomb from Abomination are outstanding:
    • Wrist guards
    • Head sculpt/ facial detail
    • Hand detail (3 giant fingers with thumbnails instead of …finger fingers).
    • Toenail detail!
  • Excellent color on a great buck!

The Bad

  • Paint detail on the face looks almost incomplete as detailed in the images.  I’m trying to decide if it’s intentional, to this point I am leaning to defect rather than intent.
  • I couldn’t just spend a little more to get A-Bomb and Abomination in a two-pack.  I know folks love their running changes, but here and with Cloak and Dagger, a two-pack really just made more sense.

The Rest

If you can find this figure, you really are going to need to buy him…sorry about that.


As with Dagger, you can find A-Bomb.  You may not like what you have to pay for him, but there are reasonable eBay sellers out there.  Again, your guess is as good as mine as to when we will see him hanging on a peg.

And now…the pictures

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