Marvel Universe Wave 22
It’s great to be back with another full wave review for you fine folks out there!  It’s also nice to have just a few months apart between full waves.  That said, I’m always a little disappointed when a wave is anything less than 6 new figures.  I’ll get over it, but Hasbro, I promise, if you make more, I’ll buy them.  I checked last night.  Outside of the full Universe line (short of a few unreleased variants that others were able to eBay snag, and a carded SDCC Galactus) I have 422 figures! I’ll keep buying them!


The Good

  • Another member of the Sinister 6 that can be quickly and easily customized into yet another member?
  • …or can you say running change to Chameleon?! (I made that up, there is no truth to that statement).
  • The dome comes off!  I was so excited that it wasn’t glued on I nearly wet myself.
  • This is Mysterio through and through, outstanding representation of the character. Excellent articulation, great job here!

The Bad

  • Even if we can customize a Chameleon, we still need a Vulture!  We still need an in-line Sandman too!


The Good

  • It’s crazy how many Rhino’s I now have in my collection.  Some have whacky armor, weird articulation, but this Rhino is the one I should have waited for.
  • This is a dead on representation of Rhino and if you are a fan of the Spider-Man world, you would be remiss in not picking this guy up.

The Bad

  • Nothing, he’s awesome!!


The Good

  • The Universe line desparately needed Elektra, we now have Elektra.
  • Sais tuck neatly into Elektra’s sash.
  • Good paint detail good facial detail and accurate coloring.

The Bad

  • Another MU female with another wonky knee.  I don’t understand this 2012 – 2013 epidemic, Jubilee, Rogue, Elektra.  This is really becoming a sore spot for Hasbro Quality Control!

Captain America

The Good

  • This is the Cap body mold I have been waiting for.  Outstanding articulation, near limitless pose-ability!
  • The costume is picture perfect for my favorite era Cap.
  • The boot folds are spot-on.

The Bad

  • Not a fan of the slightly stubby face.
  • The shield, while gorgeous, isn’t the color scheme I would have chosen for this Cap.  I would have looked for the high gloss, bright white vs the duller almost grey / silver coloring on the shield.

The rest

You need to get Rhino, you need to get Mysterio, you will be annoyed by Elektra’s knee, but you really need to get her too.  Cap, in spite of the face, grab him he’s probably one of the best available in the line.


Marvel Universe Wave 22 has begun showing up on eBay.  If you look at the pictures closely you can see Spanish language text, which means, wherever these came from they were distributed south of the border.  You can take that to mean that we will see them on eBay more frequently over the next few months, and we should start seeing them on US store shelves in the next month or two.  You can also head over to site sponsor Big Bad Toy Store to pre-order while supplies last.

And now…the pictures.

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