A little ways back, at this point I think December of last year MUReview.net gave the Internet a preview of Marvel Universe wave 20 something featuring Nova, Hercules, Puck, Nightwing and Angel (blue).  We have since finally obtained the retail releases of these figures.  Though there is already info and images up here about those figures, it’s a great wave that deserves us to do the right thing and give them time on your screen with all their bells and whistles.

The Good

Hercules – For starters it’s refreshing to see Hercules without writing on his chest (a la the Hong Kong leak).   Herc’s accessory is his gold club…it’s not called that and I’ll take a beating for not knowing what it is called but I’m on a train without a connection so I’ll take the heat.  Herc is big, sturdy and well detailed head to toe.

Puck – Puck is the opposite of Herc.  He’s tiny, but in that tiny he’s articulated better than I expected.  He’s got good motion range on his legs and his ankles get love too.    Puck comes with Snowbird, another piece of the Alpha puzzle.  Snowbird looks great (but see the bad).

Nightwing – I got another Defender and he is awesome (I sang that).  Nightwing isn’t in your face popular character and I love that about this figure.  He’s comic accurate brightly colored and finely detailed.

Angel – Angel in blue this time around. He looks great, and it’s a little off the cuff but my favorite part about Angel, the wing connection point.  The wings pop into Angels back perfectly and feel sturdy.  Maybe I got bad ones before but all previous Angels wings never really felt right.  They hit it here.

Nova – It’s Nova…he got his own review here before…better than the HK version I have, the leg guards are pointed much better and stay close to the legs very well.  I like this.

The Bad

Hercules – Herc is a really solid figure, looks accurate.  Maybe a little more detail on the chest harness? I feel like that’s being nitpicky though.

Puck – Couldn’t get him to do a handstand.

Nightwing – My ‘wings’ popped off easy.

Angel – At this point I don’t think it’s too much to ask to get a little consistency in foot peg hole size.  Angel has tiny holes!  I guess in some cultures….

Nova – Shut up, you don’t talk bad about Nova Prime.

The rest

This is one of the most unique waves out to date.  We get 4 out of 5 brand new characters and for the most part  there isn’t anything that isn’t nitpicky to say bad about them.  Good luck finding them, Nova is single packed to a case which is crazy.  There is so much Nova love in the world, short packing him is almost criminal…in fact it might actually be criminal.

A little comic fun first…. 

And now…the pictures.

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