Well how the heck did we get here?!?!!? After a maddening week of photography and reviews, I thought I’d get a little time off before we saw any new figures.  I was dead wrong! Just yesterday a very local Comic and Toy shop, Amoktime got in cases of Marvel Universe Wave 19.  Cases included Punisher, She-Hulk, Kang, Scarlet Witch and Bag Head Spider-Man (from Wave 19).  notably missing is the full time FF uniform Spider-Man.  While the absence of the FF Spidey is certainly felt, we get yet another super solid wave from Hasbro in the Marvel Universe Toy Line.  Let’s have a look, shall we?

The Good:

Kang –

  • The color!  If Kang were to pop out of the time stream into my living room, I’d expect he’d have pretty much the exact colors used on this figure.
  • The face sculpt, awesome, life-like!

Scarlet Witch –

  • I didn’t know that I’d ever get to use this word in relation to Marvel Universe, but Scarlet Witch is so appropriately dainty.  Her fingers are perfectly molded and just tiny.  Really awesome job by Hasbro here.
  • Again, we’ve got a really fantastic face / head sculpt!

Punisher –

  • What a waste of time the last 3-4 years have been with Punisher after Punisher that just wasn’t even close to what we get in the Wave 19 release.
  • Articulation for miles.
  • Guns…lots of guns.
  • This guy has a holster for just about everything.
  • Head sculpt = win!
  • Detail on the guns! Whaaat?!
  • Best Punisher ever!
  • Excellent skin tone color.
  • Another awesome head sculpt with a very detailed face.
  • Articulation everywhere you could want it (2011 ankles).
Bag Head Spider-Man
  • The most articulated Spider-Man to date.
  • Excellent Fantastic Four uniform colors.
  • He’s barefoot!

The Bad:

Kang –

  • I would have liked to have seen a holster for his gun.
  • Wishful, but removable helmet to reveal Kang’s whole head.

Scarlet Witch –

  • The worst thing about Scarlet Witch is that I don’t have a Jean Grey on this mold.

Punisher –

  • He doesn’t come with real grenades?
  • I feel bad I don’t have a lot of negative to say about this wave, it’s fantastic and these figures are really well made.

Bag Head Spider-Man

  • He’s not the FF Spider-Man
  • The ultra articulated ankles are a little loose making some poses difficult.
  • Peg holes on the bottom of the feet are a little small making previously standard size figure stands a challenge to get in.

The Rest:

Hasbro has put out another very solid wave including 3 characters that have never seen before (technically the She-Hulk 2-pack release prior to this wave was unexpected so I’ll throw it out).  We’ve got the best Punisher to date and I don’t know that they are going to top it, maybe with a trench coat…maybe.  The Scarlet Witch will hopefully herald in a new era of excellent female Marvel Universe characters.  If there is on disappointment with this wave / case purchase, it’s that the FF Spider-Man was not included at all, and we got two Bag Head Spideys.

The Pictures:


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