Marvel Universe Wave 19 Spider-Man FF Version

On with our mini shower of new figures this week.  Let’s look at The Future Foundation version of Spider-Man from Wave 19.  We previously got the Bag Head Variant in Wave 19 cases, we previously reviewed Bag Head, and really, he was a pretty awesome figure.  Let’s also mention FF Spider-Mans negative brother that showed up in the FF Doom / FF Spidey 2 pack.  All three figures, with the exception of feet, hands and paint, are the same…let us continue.

The Good:

  • (Still) The most articulated Spider-Man to date.
  • It’s nice that Spider-Man isn’t just black and white, he’s shades of grey and the paint job is very well done.
  • I’m probably not in a lot of company when I say this, but the FF Spider-Man is one of my favorite uniforms for Spidey.  I feel like, joining them was another step in his evolution and the figure represents that well.  It’s a bigger body type than we are used to for Spider-Man and that’s a good thing.
  • Unlike the barefooted Bag Head Spidey, the peg holes here work just fine.

The Bad:

  • I’m a big fan of this Spidey, a big fan of this figure, there is articulation for miles and I don’t have any complaints except….put him on shelves so people can buy him!!!

The Rest:

  • Awesome figure, just go get it.


Now it looks like this ‘standard’ Spider-Man is being sorted in. It is unknown at this point whether he is in each case 2X the way Bag Head was, or if there is now 1 Bag Head 1 FF.  That said, it should be turning up at your local comic shop soon.  eBay is the only current 100% option and you’ll pay more for it.


The Pictures:


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