Update:  we found confirmation that this auction had nothing to do with any past or present Hasbro employees oe affiliates.

In a major stunner, we have been advised that 3 Wave 19 figures from the Marvel Universe Toy Line have shown up on eBay, here.

For only $900 USD plus shipping, you can have a very early grab at She-Hulk, Scarlet Witch, and Kang.

MUReview.net would also draw attention, when you click the link, to the ID of the seller.  Fans of the Marvel Universe line may be familiar with some of the letters in that eBay name as someone that was close to the line.  MUReview will say no more on that, but let you draw your own speculations about what the sales person, cost, and early showing of these three products may mean.  We know we have our own wild ones, but out of respect to who we think the seller may be, we will reserve any of them until a much later date, when and if in fact we see Wave 18 and 19.

Happy Bidding?!

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