Marvel Universe Wave 19 Spider-Man Bag Head Variant

Kicking off our bananas more than week long run of new figure posts, an awesome variant!  Somewhere along the mighty Marvel time line, Spider-Man had to get a loaner outfit from the Fantastic Four while his Black Suit was being dissected.  Back then the Fantastic Four wasn’t prepared with a cowled uniform…so a paper bag it was…poor guy didn’t even have shoes!  Hasbro took notice, and as a variant of the Future foundation Spider-Man from Wave 19 of the Marvel Universe toy line, we get Bag Head Spider-Man in plastic form. Wave 18 hasn’t fully hit retail yet but has trickled through Hong Kong, Singapore and the Phillipines. It’s anybody’s guess when we will see Wave 19 at retail, but if you are brave enough to cull the fields of eBay or have a friend over seas, you can grab a Bag Head Spider-Man for way too much money right around now.

The Good:
The most articulated Spider-Man to date.
Excellent Fantastic Four uniform colors.
He’s barefoot!

The Bad:
The bag doesn’t come off of his head (it’s glued on, with work that I’m not willing to do it does come off).   If you really want to know about what happens when the bag comes off – head over to Joint Junkie and see the magic happen.
The ultra articulated ankles are a little loose making some poses difficult.
Peg holes on the bottom of the feet are a little small making previously standard size figure stands a challenge to get in.

The Rest:
Bag Head Spider-Man is a figure that a lot of people have waited a very long time for. With this release the payoff comes in spades. We get outstanding articulation great paint, and…another Spider-Man in the Marvel Universe line. I’m not going to do the math on just how many Spider-Men we have in the line yet. I’ll wait till 19 hits, and the new 2-packs featuring not one but two Spider-Men, but we have to be in the 20’s by this point! That said, this is really a one of a kind Spidey, so it’s worth owning.

The Pictures:..first, a story…then, the meat.


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