Marvel Universe Wave 18 Ultimate Spider-Man

It’s been a little bit, from what was one of the greatest feasts in action figure review history, 2 weeks or so of famine and now we get a look at some non-variants that were sorted into cases after a few variant pieces went out.  We are going to start with the Wave 18 Ultimate Spider-Man.  We have already had a detailed look at the Miles Morales Variant, and now it seems that for the most part, we should see Spidey in his classic Ultimate red and blues.

The Good:
The color on this Spidey really pops.
The eye detail is excellent, comic accurate.
The scale seems right for the younger Ultimate Spider-Man / Peter Parker.

The Bad:
As with the Miles Morales Variant, the articulation here is really lacking. With the new molds out, it’s time that a key character like Spider-Man gets the works (and he does, just not with this figure).
It’s Ultimate Spider-Man, I would have liked to have seen a little wrist hardware.

The Rest:
The line between Ultimate Spider-Man and regular old Spider-Man is a fine one, and there is really only a limited amount here to make the distinction. The colors are a little brighter and the eyes are more accentuated, but more could have been done here.

You can get USM on eBay now and you can likely find him at your Local Comic Store within the next few weeks, but I’d call first.  Wide spread availability with the Marvel Universe line is always questionable, but there is a good possibility that we see Ultimate Spider-Man as one of this years over shipped peg warmers.

The Pictures:



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