At, we like to review things…new things if possible, or old things.  Things we haven’t reviewed before.  We however, follow a toy line that has a fair amount of re-release things.  Enter the Ultimate Gift Set (Box).

We have included:

Spider-Man with web bag and web shot

Iron Man with energy blast

Captain America with clear shield (yes!!!)

Thor with Hammer

and Wolverine with katana


Now, I could go on about some of the details of each, but we’ve all got all of these figures.  Really the only unique parts:

Cap’s shield is clear (I’m putting that on Commander Steve)

Thor doesn’t have anything covering his underarms

Cap is a nice rich blue color.

There are probably more subtle differences.  Feel free to pick them out on your own in the gallery below.  We aren’t going to rate this set.  If you don’t have these guys, it’s a great cheap way to grab them for 29.99 (


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