The Uncanny X-Men team pack features a good mix of classic X-Men and finally brings a long time favorite (Rogue) to the 3 and ¾ scale.

The Good

Wolverine – I refuse to say anything about another Wolverine, even if it is pretty nice.

Longshot – This is exactly what a Longshot figure should look like and he’s got soup to nuts articulation to boot.

Rogue – Rogue is much beloved by Marvel fans and this figure does her justice.  Nicely tooled face, good paint app and a comic accurate….body.

Kid Cyclops – He looks like Kid Cyclops, he’s a solid little dude too.

The Bad

Wolverine – It’s another Wolverine…again.

Longshot – The mullet is comic accurate…but it’s still a mullet.

Rogue –  Hasbro has got to get quality control in check on these whacky knees.

Kid Cyclops – Of the new team packs, the Kid Cyclops pack in is the only ‘pack in’.  I would have rather had Lockjaw or an Ant Man pack in a thousand times over.

The rest

The Uncanny X-Men team pack addresses a long time request from fans of Marvel Universe with Rogue, it brings an obscure but loved character to plastic in Longshot, but it’s almost criminal how many times now MU collectors and fans have had to purchase Wolverine.

The pictures


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