I’ve waited a long time for this.  I’m a huge Inhumans fan.  I wish they’d give us a pack in Lockjaw, but I’ll take what I can get and the getting is fairly good.

The Good

Black Bolt – Bolty reminds me of my kid…when he opens his mouth things get destroyed.  Black Bolts figure is excellent in paint and articulation.  He’s the right size and they nailed the tuning fork on his head without making it a piece separated from the body.

Medusa – One of the first ladies of the Marvel Universe. Medusa’s hair is her defining feature.  They paid a great deal of attention to that feature here and it came out highly detailed and long enough to help her stand on her own.

Karnak – Comic accurate, no complaints here.

The Bad

Black Bolt – Black Bolt is like Nova, we don’t talk bad about Black Bolt.

Medusa – Really really sloppy paint app on her mask.  Not at all happy with that.  Otherwise, no major complaints.

Karnak –  Comic accurate, no complaints here.

The rest

The Inhumans are a classic team in the Marvel Universe that has endured and grown based on the strength of it’s featured characters.  This team pack is an excellent representation of these Moon dwelling Marvel favorites. 

The pictures

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