Cloak and Dagger info updated.

SDCC 2013 Preview day went live today and the Marvel Hasbro News is abounding.  Look out below for some images and some exceptionally unexpected news…Before I launch in. I want to thank the Make Mine Marvel Facebook Group and credit that much if not all of this news is coming from  From what I can tell of the Internet they seem to be the only boots on the ground today, and for that, I thank them.

I’ll start with the most staggering bit.

Marvel Universe

  • Come 2014 we will see the Marvel Universe Toy Line re-branded as “The Avengers line”.  The figures will remain the same with the same style and articulation.  The Marvel Universe name will be dropped, one of the reasons for the change is the hope to resolve some of the Marvel Universe distribution problems.  Walmart loves the Avengers?
  • The Marvel Universe Diorama featured some interesting things.
    • A multi-armed Ultron
    • A Beast Boy
    • A Devil Dinosaur
    • Something I haven’t seen anyone else mention yet, a figure we were supposed to get…the Black Knight!
    • Omega Red is in there too…Legends or Universe scale though?
  • The package display cases showed us something we have all been looking for.  Confirmation – Cloak and Dagger seem to be featured on a single card back as the packaged figure, so it does look like Cloak and Dagger will be available for a single price on a single card…good news! – Confirmation debunked! (Image from  Cloak and Dagger will be sold separately!
  • Are we getting a Grey Hulk on the new Hulk mold?

Marvel Legends

  • Large BAFs will return to the Legends line in 2014 with Jubilee (tiny) featured as the third wave BAF for Legends in 2013.
  • Orange Fin Fang Foom is canceled.
  • Marvel Legends variant distribution problems are well known by Hasbro and they are working on fixing it.  Potentially a TRU exclusive wave.

Movie Lines

  • Looks like we are getting at least more Assemblers for Iron Man 3 – an Igor!
  • Thor line appears to have solid articulation.

Check out a few images scoured from around the net of today’s findings, again thanks to Make Mine Marvel and Marvelous News for providing news and information while MUReview is too poor to make it to SDCC.  Special thanks to Scott B for the arrows on the Cloak and Dagger image packaging.  I wonder…2014…  That’s just plain silly…



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