MUReview would like to make a few announcements while we have your attention….

This week we are going to be going out of our minds bringing you more figure pictures and information than you have probably ever seen!

All happening THIS week (and probably so many that we will go into next week)!  Action figure reviews and images will include

Bag Head Spider-Man (Wave 19 Variant)

Hulk / Wolverine Greatest Battles 2-pack

Wolverine / She-Hulk Greatest Battles Greatest Battles 2-Pack

FF Doom / Black Spider-Man Greatest Battles 2-Pack

Captain America / Magneto Greatest Battles 2-Pack

Juggernaut / Colossues Greatest Battles 2-Pack

And don’t forget the San Diego Comic-Con Marvel Universe Exclusives!

Masters of Evil 3-Pack

X-Men / X-Factor box set / 6-pack and a head swap custom (I’ll let you guess).


That’s …that’s a lot of figures to review for you!  All of this work ahead of me got me to thinking. I’m lazy…really lazy.  What if I change things up a bit. We’ve had about a year of sticking to formula on reviews and what I’ve come to find based on feedback and even in my own reading…scores mean nothing, people for the most part don’t care about what I’m saying, mostly, people want to know in short form, what’s good, what’s bad, and see lots of pictures.  That’s what we’re going to do!

From now on, every figure “review” will be a quick summation of good points, bad points, and a bottom line on the figure. Short, sweet, and to the pictures.  I am also going to be taking more pictures, as many as I can think of per figure, per pack trying to capture every gritty detail.

Starting Tuesday, check us out for more plastic crack than you can snort in a life-time, and check back with us through the rest of SDCC for all the latest Comic, Movie, Toy, TV, Marvel, and Hasbro news.  Don’t forget, the Hasbro Marvel Panel is TONIGHT!


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