Marvel Universe NYCC 2012 Marvel Digital Comics Exclusive Old Man Logan (with Baby Hulk)

Significant thanks to Hasbro for providing us with a moments early release of this outstanding NYCC 2012 Marvel Digital Comics exclusive Marvel Universe Old Man Logan.  If you are a collector of the Marvel Universe line…you know how many Wolverine’s we already have.  Seriously though, if it is within your power, hunt this down and grab it!

The Good:

  • The coat is outstanding.
  • Nice green dripping ooze on the claws.

The Bad:

  • Folks who already have a Marvel Digital Comics subscription may find ponying up for a new subscription to be a tough pill to swallow…and eBay prices, even more tough.

The Rest:

  • I’m sleepy, and I’m thankful I have this figure.  Go look at the pictures.  Apologies for lack of witty comic. It just isn’t happening tonight and I wanted to get this out to you good folks as quickly as possible.


UPDATE:  Troubling news out of NYCC today.  I’m hoping the person I spoke with had no clue, or they were lying.  Apparently this will NOT be an NYCC exclusive figure.  It will be a Marvel Digital Figure down the road, but not available at NYCC 2012.  I will update with what happens tomorrow.


The Pictures:


 MUReview received this product for free for review purposes.
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