eBay seller toyssir8982009 is employing some very interesting tactics to move his auctions for some much sought after Marvel Universe two-packs and one wave 18 figure.  Claiming that they may have been cancelled / that the line may be cancelled right in his eBay subject.  I don’t know if it’s shock and awe, or he knows something we don’t.  I consider myself to be fairly insane and will usually spend way too much on figures to bring them to you, the MUReview.net reader before anyone else…but not this time.  The auctions:

Moonknight and Ant Man – 199 (but shipping is free! what a deal!)

Colossus and Juggernaut – 220 (shipping also free)

and a “maybe cancelled or unreleased version” of the  Hulk from what appears to be wave 18 – 120

I’m not one to call for such, but come on man…Reach out to this seller and tell him how much you love eBay extortion.


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