Marvel Universe Doctor Strange and Silver Surfer Greatest Battles 2-Pack

On to the second half of the Marvel Universe 70’s deco treatment of some classic characters.  We get Doctor Strange and the Silver Surfer (Defenders era).

The Good:

  • The silver on the Surfer is one of the more unique I’ve seen.
  • When Nighthawk comes out we’ve got a hell of a lot of Defenders!  …still nowhere near complete though.

The Bad:

  • I’ve got a lot of Silver Surfers already.
  • I’ve now got 3 Doctor Strange figures all with the same basic outfit and I’d really really like a modern one.

The Rest:

  • Doctor Strange was hard to find in some places.  This two pack makes itself worth it by his half being available.  This is also a pretty decent paint for the Silver Surfer.


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The Pictures:


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