Marvel Universe Deadpool Corps (Partial – Unofficial)

As you all can see, over at, this has been made the official Hasbro Marvel Universe San Diego Comic Con 2013 Exclusive!!

These figures were purchased by a very close friend of and are on loan to us for this psuedo review / preview.  They came to me without accessory or packaging…and missing Dogpool, Deadpool and Squirrelpool, but beggars cannot be choosers!


The Good

  • He’s big!  Cable buck I think?…seems bigger though.
  • Dead on representation, red hair, great belt!
  • The man who is Champion is well articulated and highly pose-able.

The Bad

  • If you met this guy in an alley…or in a McDonalds, would you say anything bad about him?

Lady Deadpool

The Good

  • Again, spot on figure here.
  • Finally, a 2013 female figure without a whacky knee!
  • This is a figure that custom makers have been putting together for years and it’s always great to see when Hasbro manufactures the genuine article even better.

The Bad

  • Move along….move along.


The Good

  • Much like Kid Cyclops, the character is accurately represented, well painted and comes in a nice action pose.

The Bad

  • Much like Kid Cyclops, the figure is not pose-able, and near impossible to stand without a stand!

Dogpool, Deadpool and Squirrelpool

The Good

  • No clue, I didn’t manage to get my hands on them.

The Bad

  • I don’t have them to bring you any information on them.

The rest

Deadpool is one of Marvel’s most fun and surprising characters, so I guess it is to form that these figures would show up out of nowhere and be full of win.  When you can find them, go get them!

Also, mention to the packaging.  I know I don’t have it, but the pictures are everywhere now…It’s a taco truck.  How freaking cool is that?!?!!

One more thing…Headpool…waaaah!  As an aside, the images circulating show a spare head in the taco packaging of Deadpool himself…it appears that this head is just a mask down head vs. a mask half-up head so that DP can eat tacos..


Go to SDCC 2013, or wait with the rest of us at in the days following SDCC to try to snag yourself one of these epic sets!

And now…the pictures.

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