Marvel Universe Custom Yondu

My apologies, this review is too long in the coming.  I picked up this figure quite a while ago and because of the shifting of life’s plates, I didn’t even realize that not only had I not reviewed this figure, but I hadn’t even taken an inventory picture of it…Flying without a safety net if you ask me!  Now, this week’s custom comes to us from eBay seller Totaltoyz.  We’ve got some interesting work here, so read on.

The Good:

  • The color just explodes off of this figure.
  • Faithful recreation of the character as viewed on the pages of Guardians of the Galaxy (classic team).
  • The mo hawk is well executed.
  • I love getting classic GoTG members with the logo on their chest, excellent attention to detail.

The Bad:

  • This is an excellent custom, but I have a the bad section, so these are just rinky dink nitpicky things that, were I talented in any way, I would have done differently…
  • The color, while incredible, comes at the cost of an odd powdery feeling paint.  It’s not a bad thing, but it’s not common on any pro or custom figure I’ve seen.  It does seem to be a favorite type of paint application of our creator Totaltoyz.
  • The bow and arrow came glued to Yondu’s hands.  I appreciate the artists vision here, but unless you are creating an in package figure it’s good to consider that folks are finicky with how they like to display things, and glued accessories will hinder that.  As a note…I broke that bond of glue :).

The Rest:

  • The good and the bad aside, this is an excellent figure, faithfully reproduced and I’m proud to display it amongt my collection. I look forward to more and more Guardians customs from Totaltoyz in the future.  You can check out his eBay store at any links in this article or here – Totaltoyz.  Looks like things are quite on his front as of today, but check back often.


One of a kind and I like it that way…until the movie comes out and we get a weird Michael Rooker version of Yondu?  I can’t even imagine…the chubby dad from Mallrats…and Merle…as Yondu..We shall see.

The Pictures:

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