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One of my favorite parts of running this site is meeting new people, making new friends and bouncing new ideas off of people who share my interests.  In TotalToyz, I’ve found someone who not only makes great customs, but has an outstanding mind for comics.  I’m happy to have his involvement in the site, I’m happy to have my hands on his custom figures, and I’m even more happy that I get to include this custom in our 2 year anniversary / birthday giveaway.  That’s right, I said that, just now.

One of my favorite things about TotalToyz is that he has this incredible wealth of knowledge about the customs he creates…and more and I’m happy to share that with you here, and in a new weekly post that I think you will all enjoy starting next week “TotalToyz Trivia Trove”.  You can look for his customs here as he lists them, he accepts commissions, get in touch with us about it if you are interested, and let’s check out what he has to say about Whirlwind.

Whirlwind:  This villain was originally called the Human Top, and is the only villain to have battled Hank Pym in all six of his crime-fighting identities.
Ant-Man: Marvel Feature #6
Giant-Man: Tales to Astonish #50 and others
Goliath: Avengers #46 and others
Yellowjacket:  Avengers #139 and others
Doctor Pym: West Coast Avengers #16
The Wasp: Avengers Academy #5

The Good:

  • Outstanding helmet sculpt.
  • Classic and faithful representation of a character that has seen many incarnations.
  • Excellent even paint job.
  • Clean lines, all areas are covered, no paint rub.
  • A thoughtful custom maker always includes a named stand!

The Bad:

  • The evil grin is perfect if a little off putting.

The Rest:

  • Let me ask you this…who cares about “The Rest”?  You are going to get the chance to win this epic custom from TotalToyz!!


Didn’t you hear me? You can win this!!! 7/24…check back at MUReview!!

Go check out TotalToyz auctions here, he puts up great stuff all the time!

The Pictures:

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