Marvel Universe Custom Vance Astro – TotalToyz

Yes, in case you were wondering it’s been an expensive couple of weeks at MUReview.  I love bringing you main line Marvel Universe reviews, especially for characters I love. One thing I think I like even more, is bringing you looks at new custom figures.  The works are one of a kind and always special and I’ll never get enough of that.  TotalToyz, is at it again with this exceptional custom of Vance Astro.

Here at MUReview I have made it no secret that we have what an adult may call a hard o…no that’s not appropriate…we really like cosmic figures.

The TotalToyz Trivia Trove fact:

Vance Astro: When the character was first created, in 1969, he was said to have blasted off on a thousand-year space flight from Earth to Alpha Centauri in 1988.

The Good:

  • 1 million credits for nailing the Guardians of the Galaxy badge.
  • Exceptional, sharp, even paint job.
  • CLASSIC representation of an iconic but under-rated Marvel character.

The Bad:

  • I got nothin’.

The Rest:

  • Let me ask you this…who cares about “The Rest”?  You are going to get the chance to win this epic custom from TotalToyz!!


  • It’s unique, one of a kind and MINE ALL MINE!!
  • You can find more of these excellent customs here – TotalToyz.

The Pictures:

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