To say that MUReview is lucky is an incredible understatement.  The friends that we have made over the years here are beyond counting, and some of the best ones are ones that we will treasure for a life time.  One such friend is the man behind TotalToyz.  His name is Dale.  He’s incredibly talented and has just an unimaginable wealth of knowledge regarding comic book trivia.  We have been posting his customs for you fine folks for a long time and we have no intention of ever stopping.  I bring him up to you today, because when that man sends me a gift it is always discouraged because we are modest around these parts, we don’t feel deserving.  But hot damn do we love to get gifts anyway!  So it is with that, I say thank you Dale.  I say go buy awesome customs from TotalToyz (more after the new year on eBay), love all things Marvel always, and especially Cosmic.  The best thing I can do in return is share this amazing figure you have created for me for all to see.

The In-Betweener

It’s fudgin awesome, just look at the pictures!!

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