Marvel Universe Custom The Collector – TotalToyz

Wielding the Solar Sword The Collector comes to us from TotalToyz. 

Tanleer Tivan, THE COLLECTOR! A powerful Elder of the Universe, the Collector first appeared in Avengers #28, 1965, and has been trying to add the Avengers to his collection ever since!  The Solar Sword first appeared in Iron Man 26 in 1970 as wielded by Val-Larr.  Iron Man 26 was also the third ever appearance of the Collector!

You may remember us talking about The Collector before.

Now then, I believe that I have made my passion for all things Marvel Cosmic clear once or twice on this site.  The Collector plays very well into that interest, what, with his upcoming role in the Guardians of the Galaxy film.

The Collector came to me as a huge surprise from friend Dale (TotalToyz).  After his selling success with the 6 inch version, I thank Dale from the bottom of my heart for going out of his way to create a 3.75 inch Collector for us!

The Good:

  • I have always loved TotalToyz Customs because they were different from a lot of what is going on out there.  It’s only now with The Collector that I see the basis for the angle with which Dale approaches his customs.  Have a look at the pictures.  Dale isn’t trying to capture The Collector in plastic form.  Dale has exquisitely captured The Collector as he appeared on the pages of comics dating back to 1965!
  • Step 1 – put The Collector on a shelf.  Step 2 – Turn off lights. Step 3 – stare in awe of glowing sword!!  The Solar Sword!
  • The molding on the cape and belt are amazing as usual.  The hair looks fantastic.
  • The way the eyes are captured are perfectly reminiscent of the comics on the page.  This bad boy looks scary and fierce!

The Rest:

  • TotalToyz has captured another perfect comic likeness.  We are honored by his gift and thrilled at the chance to be able to bring these images and words to you about The Collector.


The Pictures:


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