Marvel Universe Custom Starhawk – TotalToyz

Starhawk comes to us from TotalToyz. 

Starhawk, the “One-Who-Knows”, long mystified his teammates with his ability to foresee coming events. In the 1990s Guardians series this was finally explained: he has been reliving his life over and over many times!

Starhawk’s pose was inspired by his illustration in the original Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, drawn by Allen Milgrom!

Starhawk came to me as an absolute shock and for it, I couldn’t be happier or more thankful.  TotalToyz, you are the bees knees!

The Good:

  • Starhawk’s chiseled jaw is perfectly captured!
  • Exceptional fine line detail.
  • The colors, always with the colors.  If you put a drawn piece of paper behind Starhawk you would be hard pressed to tell him apart from the drawings!
  • When I asked TT about a Starhawk custom, my mind spun out of control with ‘how would he even do that?!?!”  The prehensile pieces stretching from his head, from his shoulders to his boots…how?  Mission accomplished in fine form!
  • Always appreciate the custom stand included!


  • Keep an eye on TotalToyz  on eBay.  Contact him, beg him, maybe he will make you one for lots and lots of money!!

The Pictures:



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