Marvel Universe Custom Martinex – TotalToyz

Words cannot explain my passion for all things cosmic.  If I see it I have to have it…I don’t know if my wife has figured out that that is the soft spot yet….but when she does I’m probably in for it.  TotalToyz has absolutely done a great job once again…let’s check out some awesome comic book trivia from our friend…

Martinex: Many years after his first appearance, it was revealed that Martinex’s last name is T’Naga and that, although he was born on Pluto, his ancestors came from the African continent.

The Good:

  • I said it once, I’ll say it again, points for the perfect Guardians of the Galaxy badge.
  • It’s Martinex? Who makes Martinex? I love this freakin’ guy!
  • Excellent detail!

The Bad:

  • He would have really had to screw this up to make me unhappy with it…he didn’t.

The Rest:

  • Really just an excellent, fun figure!


  • It’s mine and you can’t have it.
  • Check for auctions from TotalToyz frequently, he’s always got something interesting up here!

The Pictures:

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