Marvel Universe Custom Grandmaster – TotalToyz

The Grandmaster comes to us from TotalToyz. 

One of the Elders of the Universe, The Grandmaster lives for games and competition, and uses super-powered beings as his game pieces! Among the many Marvel heroes he has gamed with have been members of the Avengers, Defenders, Squadron Supreme, X-Men, and others!

The Grandmaster was a totally unexpected, but absolutely wonderful Christmas gift from TotalToyz.  I am happy to share your work and trivia, and I am so sorry that I will forever disappoint you with my lack of knowledge and poor recall.

The Good:

  • Very clean paint application.
  • Perfect chest ornament detail.
  • Included little people for the win!!
  • That hair!
  • The pose is perfect!


  • Keep an eye on TotalToyz  on eBay.  Contact him, beg him, maybe he will make you one for lots and lots of money!!

The Pictures:



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