Marvel Universe Custom Charlie-27 – TotalToyz

Charlie-27 comes to us from TotalToyz. 

Charlie-27 was the muscle of the original Guardians of the Galaxy, having been raised in the heavy gravity of a space station orbiting Jupiter!

Charlie-27 was made primarily from the helmetless Juggernaut figure packaged as part of a two-pack with the X-Men’s Colossus!

I can’t say enough good things about Charlie-27.  Apart from rounding out my classic Guardians collection, with his buddy Starhawk that I got in the same box, having this team completed is an honor and a privilege!! That they look so incredible is icing!

The Good:

  • No more perfect a base figure has existed for a custom.
  • Bright yellow, deep red, another perfect capture of the comic book page.
  • The classic Guardians of the Galaxy badge is exceptional fine detail.
  • So much molding here!  The bandoleers, the gloves, boots, TotalToyz is an artist and then some!
  • Always appreciate the custom stand included!


  • Keep an eye on TotalToyz  on eBay.  Contact him, beg him, maybe he will make you one for lots and lots of money!!

The Pictures:



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