Marvel Universe  Captain America and Falcon Greatest Battles 2-Pack

Things have been slow.  Really just Old Man Logan since late summer, and that ended up being a non-starter but for a select few lucky people.  I was just happy to be one of them.  In this lull, it’s nice to see a little something, even though we already have it over…and over…and over and over again.

The Good:

  • Authentic comic-style 70’s paint apps.  They look great!
  • All of my other Caps have been out of the packaging for a while, so getting a nice stiff one .

The Bad:

  • I have literally lost count of how many Captain America figures I have.
  • Falcon was already a peg warmer.  I like him, I own him now 2x, but he’s not for everyone.

The Rest:

  • I doubt if you collect MU and you wanted either of these characters before, that you don’t have them.  These aren’t the best or definitive versions.  You aren’t missing anything if you don’t get them.


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The Pictures:

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