Marvel Universe Avengers Comic Series Wave 2

Before we get into the mix I wanted to give a special thanks to eBay seller rollinzelectronics for getting me Iron Man and Black Panther in the mail incredibly fast and at an awesomely reasonable price!

We had a look at Wave 1 earlier this year / late last year.  The first set of figures I got at a steal…unfortunately, this second wave came to me at less than a bargain.  However, I’m beginning to see the value in these figures.  Let’s have a look at Marvel Universe Avengers Comic Series Wave 2 Toys R Us Exclusive figures.

Captain America (Classic 616 Version)

Packaging img_9025

The Avengers Comic Series packaging features a character image on the side, a nice window for display on the front, a description on the side.  On the front you have a poke hole where you can reach in and turn on the light on the base.  While in the package, the base is in demo mode.  For the sake of speed, I will not mention the basics of packaging in the figures that follow below.  Cap art looks like Cap, no complaints here.


You are going to read this as the recurring theme of this post.  I was looking over these figures last night, and it’s not just Cap.  These figures are more expensive, but honestly, in this set you get the niceset paint apps in the whole of the Marvel Universe Toy Line.  Clean sharp lines, excellent detailed, and all the finer points of detail are given attention.  This Cap is nice, dark, rich in color and has a great shimmer to him.

Articulation img_9045

Captain America has a full tilt range of motion at the ankles, spins at the shins, bends at the knees.  We have the T-hips, spin at the waist, spin / tilt at the torso, and the arm range of motion is good but there is no spin at the wrists.  The head has a reasonable range of motion but is the standard head on a peg.

Character Likeness

This is the most richly colored Captain America I have yet seen. Dark blues, bright reds, super clean whites.  We have good face likeness here as well.


Cap has his shield.  It has the darker color set compared to some of the previous main line caps and fits snuggly on his arm.  The base (and I will mention the base here only as it is the same for all four figures) is pretty neat.  It lights up.  When you open it, it’s in demo mode so it only stays lit for about 15 seconds.  You can switch it off entirely, or you can turn it “on”.  When it’s on, if you press the button it stays on until you turn it off.  The blue light is aesthetically pleasing and the foot pegs hold Thor on nicely.


This cap takes the place of old favorites and becomes the de-facto Captain America for this toy line.


Displayed but more to the side. (5 out of 5)

Black Widow

Packaging img_9029

We get some nice art of Natasha Romanova in action on the front.  The package is otherwise consistent with the rest of the series.


The black cat suit is exactly what it needs to be.  The gold coloring on the belt and wrist bands isn’t necessarily what I’m used to seeing in the comic, but it makes the pieces stand out a little bit more.  The hair is about the right color red, and the lips are maybe just a little too bright.

Articulation img_9047

Yep…every bit as bendy / stretchy as the real life Widow?  The figure is built off of the same mold that the Phoenix and earlier female buck characters used.  You will notice more limited movement on the lower extremities and the long hair limits head movement.

Character Likeness

In this figure we are as close as the MU line has ever been to the genuine article.


Natasha is outfitted with her wristbands and utility belt, this time in the less familiar gold instead of the standard silver.


Black Widow wasn’t the easiest character to come by so seeing her out on shelves again isn’t a bad thing.  Otherwise, the only difference here is the wrist and belt color.


Displayed but buried in the back (3 out of 5)

Iron Man (Extremis – Translucent)

Packaging img_9036

Again, solid artwork here.  I appreciate that the description makes an effort to identify this specific version of Iron Man.


Paint here is limited, it’s more …plastic dye?  This version of the Extremis Iron Man is translucent.  I don’t recall this happening in the comics but it has been a while since I’ve gotten my hands dirty in back catalog Iron Man.  We have some actual paint, blue on the chest, palms and eye sockets of Iron Man.  The package is an interesting take on Iron Man, the blue appears to attempt to emulate a glow.

Articulation img_9039

This is the same Iron Man we had in the main line and two-pack Extremis Iron Man releases.  Movement is exact to those, though the legs feel more stiff at the t-hips / waist.

Character Likeness

The mold is dead on Extremis, but the translucence isn’t something I’ve seen from the character before.


Iron Man comes with an energy blast, the same that we’ve seen since Wave 1.


This doesn’t look like any Iron Man I’ve seen paint wise, but I really like the way he looks.  The painted areas look great, and Extermis is still one of my favorite armors.


Displayed but more to the side (4 out of 5)

Black Panther

Packaging img_9021

We’ve got some nice box art and a good description of the Black Panther.  Otherwise it’s the same as the rest in the line.


This is now our third release of the Black Panther to this toy line.  While the paint app here looks spectacular with highlights and a nice glow to it, the Black Panther uniform is pretty…black.  The first release Panther nailed it like no other, the second was dull, this one is a little bit over the top with midnight highlighting.  It looks great mind you, but this ain’t the guy.

Articulation img_9052

Black Panther has the moves of the older MU line bucks.  No twisting waist, T-Waist.  The only thing unique here is the clawed left hand.

Character Likeness

Hasbro has done better when aiming for the Black Panther.  Looking at the early waves release, we have the nice forearm guards and a much bulkier panther overall.  This Panther looks frail by comparison and the paint is too much for the character.


No accessories except for the light up stand to speak of.


This Panther is an excellent figure on it’s own, but it’s not “The” Black Panther I would use to represent the character in my display.  He’s just not dark colored enough and he’s too frail.


Displayed front and center (3 out of 5)


Rating System: Each figure will be reviewed under the following categories:
Character Likeness
OverallEach figure will then be given an overall grade out of 5 levels:
Displayed front and center – Perfect score
Displayed but more to the side – Second best, nothing wrong with that
Displayed somewhere I might see it – Displayed, it’s good, I like it, not as much as others.
Displayed but buried in the back – Not all that great, but no other options for this figure
Stored* – It’s really not worth displaying. 
*This will be caveat-ed, if the figure is excellent but is being moved out in favor of a better version of the same character, this will be explained.


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