**UPDATE**  In this auction here you can grab quiet a few additional figures, Rogue, Black Bolt, Karnak, Hawkeye, War Machine, Mockingbird and other upcoming 3-pack figures.

In the most exciting actual physically available thing to happen to the Marvel Universe line since pre New York Comic Con 2012, we have Marvel Universe 2013 wave 1 now available on eBay in loose form without accessories from China based seller happyeverydaysales.

Each figure in the wave is still available and prices are surprisingly very reasonable, especially for releases this early.  Either we all got a gift or these aren’t really as early as we expect.  Shipping is about 2-3 per figure and will take 2-4 weeks to get here from the Far East.  You can check out all of happyeverydaysales listings here, this includes all figures from the new wave that are still available.

And yes…I got em, so expect reviews here when they show up…BLUE BLAZES!!! IT’S NOVA TIME!!!


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