Marvel Universe 2013 Wave…1? NOVA!!  

So..eBay can be a nefarious place.  One with many whiles and lots of whimmzy…and if you are looking, some shady action figures.  No question what I am about to show you likely fell off the back of a truck somewhere in the far east, but I would be remiss in not sharing this with you my readers.  With that, I bring you Marvel Universe’s NOVA!!!  The figure I’ve been waiting this whole toy line for.  Now…normally I do this in waves, but Nova gets his own piece because I say so.  Expect the next few weeks to find pictorials on the rest of this wave (Hercules, Puck, Angel (blue) and Nighthawk…without accessories) and!! Most of the figures from the upcoming three packs, Black Bolt, Karnak, War Machine, Hawkeye (surprisingly awesome), Mockingbird, Longshot and Wolverine (missed out on Rogue, couldn’t find Medusa).  Photos are all iPhone taken, I lack the facilities to break out the photo cube…just gonna have to live with it.

The Good:

  • IT’S NOVA!!!!!!!!
  • I was surprised at Hasbro’s execution on the uniform ornamentation.  The leg and arm bracers fit and sit well (probably wouldn’t if they were played with) and the chest piece execution…pretty neat Hasbro. One piece of plastic across the chest with ‘wings’ to cover the shoulders.  I’m impressed!
  • Excellent color that deep cosmic blue (mostly black) found in the comics, the gold is just right, and the red Nova Burst is something that will be emblazoned on my flesh just the way it appears on the figure.
  • Articulation is great here, ankles, calves, hips, this is a 2012 figure mold.

The Bad:

  • This is Nova, I can’t say anything bad about him.
  • …okay, one thing, the blue glow on his chest plate is a little bleedey out of the area…totally forgivable.

The Rest:

  • Now I just need a Namorita so that my Nova figure has someone to hold hands with…that isn’t me.


But when will then be now?!?!?! Soon…

The Pictures:

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