**Updated with Kid Cyclops images and info**

Welcome back my friends to the sh….never mind, really don’t like that song. It’s 2013 and Marvel Universe is popping up overseas. Marry that with the fact that I’m insane and love bringing you the new stuff first, and you’ve got the MUReview.net 2013 Marvel Universe preview with in hand images!!! Online seller HappyEveryDaySales recently posted a ton of 2013’s most anticipated figures from Hasbro on eBay. Oddly, the prices really weren’t that bad, so we bit, now we’re sharing.

Included in the gallery we have images of most of the soon coming three packs, Avengers West Coast, The Inhumans and the X-Men. We’ve also got every figure (minus accessories) from Marvel Universe wave 20 (2013 wave 1…I think). Not to be confused with wave 21 which came out first featuring Prof X and Jubilee. I’m just going to give you a few brief notes on each figure and if you want, just buzz down to the gallery for a few angles.


  • Check out what I have to say about Nova here.


  • Yaay!! Another Defender for the team set!
  • Lots of articulation, looks good, cute little claws but didn’t come with the wings.


  • We’ve talked about Angel before..this one is white and blue instead of red and blue.


  • I believe I’ve faced comments before about how I’m not that great at posing my figures…so I don’t know if it’s Puck or if it’s me, but I can’t get this little dingleberry to stand on his hand for anything.
  • Apart from the above, I’m surprised that this minimate has any articulation at all…and he does!


  • He’s beefy, and really big for a 3.75 figure.
  • Tons of articulation ankles to neck.
  • …No clue why he has drawing on his chest but I’m sure we can expect that it won’t be the case for the retail figure.

West Coast Avengers


  • She is who we thought she’d be. On a much older female buck with limited articulation.
  • We get a nice classic character costume with good facial detail.

War Machine

  • Another ‘big’ figure for 2013.
  • Articulated / sliding shoulder weapons.
  • Really slick paint app that matches up well (intentionally or not) with the most recent comic portrayals of War Machine.


  • I’m probably not crazy but I think they repainted Dark Hawkeye and gave him the 2-pack hawkeye head.
  • Full purple sleeve looks nice.



  • Really nice representation of an oft overlooked character.


  • I think my guess is wrong but I’ll make it….this seems like it’s the XMO Wolverine (tiger stripe) repainted in brown.
  • And it’s another Wolverine.


  • Rogue was too expensive, I couldn’t bite, look for our words about her in a more formal review of the pack.

X-Baby Cyclops

  • Just a static figure, no articulation and there have been rumors of him being packed missing a hand.  The one I have is just fine but not much to speak of.
  • He is able to stand on his own so that is a plus.

The Inhumans

Black Bolt

  • My second most anticipated figure of 2013. He features the same style ‘wings’ as Jess Drew Spider-Woman and in the right pose they work just fine.
  • Bolt is on the modern buck with all the articulation you can possibly want.
  • A lot of people have tried and come close with Black Bolt customs…but Hasbro do this professionally for a reason, he looks great.


  • I’m glad he’s in the pack and he looks like Karnak.


  • Medusa was not, and has not yet been offered for sale by any online seller. We will all just have to wait for the official release…or something else to come along.

Now, what you’ve all been waiting for!!! In hand images!!!!

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