Hasbro has recently granted us an opportunity to bring you more good plastic crack information.

With some of the latest waves of Marvel Universe, running changes have been noted between characters like Iron Fist, Iron Spider-Man and Spider-Man (Black Suit)…and one that I missed but that I will bring to you, the change of the Captain America in the Wolverine / Captain America 2-pack.

I know this sort of content might not appeal to everyone, but I also know we have quite a few very hard core collectors that must have it all…and a running change? You know what that means, another figure to pick up, another notch in the hunt bed post.

That said, I’d like to bring you the first in this series of posts, Iron Fist.

You can find Iron Fist packed in with cases of the Mysterio / Captain America / Elektra Marvel Universe Wave.

Now, I get that I’m comparing the Marvel Universe Iron Fist from  wave 17 to the Fist from Wave 2 but I feel like it’s more appropriate and there are more interesting differences to note.  If you compare the White and Gold Iron Fist to this one, you’d really only notice one major difference, base paint color.  How is that fun to talk about?


Key Differences

  • The base paint is clearly a deeper, darker, more rich green.
  •  All of the gold trim is nice and sparkly.
  • The mold / buck is using the far more advanced Wave 17 Iron Fist mold versus the still finding it’s way, wave 2 mold.
  • One of the hands on 2013 Fist is in a fist while each from the wave 2 figure’s hands are open.
  • The new fist has a much nicer belt / sash.
  • Facial detail and paint work are better executed.
  • All the lines are generally much cleaner and sharper.

Do you need it?

If you are completist it’s a no brainer and if you head to a Toys R Us anytime soon you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding it.  Because of that it’s also going for a reasonable price on eBay.

If you are an Iron Fist fan, yes, of course.

If you are the casual collector and already have a green Iron Fist?  You are fine with what you have.

If you are the casual collector and don’t already have an Iron Fist but want one, this is a great opportunity to pick up the figure at a reasonable price, early fists and fist variants are still a little tough to come by and maybe the white and gold suit doesn’t do the job for everyone.

If you don’t like Iron Fist…you should probably just not get this figure.

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