Apologies for the delay, I know these have been floating around out there for a week or two now but we got a little back logged with fatherly responsibility.  That doesn’t mean we aren’t eager to share everything we can with you.  Hasbro sent us some SICK! high-res images of the announced upcoming figures in the Marvel Universe for 2013.

So far we have:

Wave 22
Captain America

Wave 23
Abomination (running change?)
Baron Zemo
Stealth Armor Mark IV Iron Man

Astonishing X-Men Team Pack
Cyclops (Modern)
Emma Frost
Juggernaut / Colossus

Asgardian Team Pack

What is missing
Ant-Man / Moon Knight 2-pack – neither hyde nor hair of this since a single drop on eBay that went for over $200.
Bearded Thor
Thor Frog
Black Knight
Deaths Head
Fin Fang Foom

I’m looking forward to everything announced and unannounced, all things being equal though.  It’s going to be impossible for me to get as excited over anything coming as I was for Nova and Black Bolt…and now…the preciouses are mine…mine!!!  What else do you folks want out there?  I’d love to see more heralds but I’m sure I’ll never get them.  I’m looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy movie figures and hoping with fingers crossed that they get some comic series figs.

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