Rounding out the known recent running changes is the Captain America Wolverine 2-pack.  Wolverine is the same so he can sit on the sidelines but Cap…well cap has a few differences.

It’s not like we don’t have enough Caps, and very similar caps to boot, but let’s see what’s going on here.

Key Differences

  • At first glance it appears that the only difference is the change from the oddly shimmering scalloped chest to a flat blue more Cap like chest.  This is a difference and clearly the largest but…
  • If you look at the belt, the original run has more detail on all of the utility packs.

Do you need it?

Completists, yes, always, sorry.  If you missed it, no not really at all, you have better options.  Casual fans, the answer is the same, the latest wave Cap is superior in almost every way.

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