Thanks to latest issue of Entertainment Weekly and Newsarama, we have our first confirmation of what appears to be a Marvel relaunch including a bunch of new books under what is being called Marvel NOW!

Beginning October, Marvel will launch a new series every week through February 2013.  We can expect to see new titles, costumes, and new numbers on these series.  To be sure though, this isn’t a universe overhaul, just a relaunch of multiple major characters and series.

The list of confirmed titles so far includes Avengers, to be written by Jonathan Hickman with over 18 new team members, X-Men, written by Brian Michael Bendis which will focus on the original five X-Men time traveling to present day, and The Uncanny Avengers, whose roster will include Cap, Wolverine, Thor, Rogue, Havok, and others.

Expect more details on this in the coming days and from SDCC 2012.

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