One of the more enigmatic characters in the Marvel Universe, The Watcher, was given the Diamond Select / Marvel Select Action Figure treatment a little ways back. I’m not a collector of the line, but some figures are compelling…this one most of all.


Uatu – The Watcher

Packaging img_5803

This is my first direct experience with Marvel Select packaging.  It’s big…very big.  The front is plain with the standard name plate on one side and the Marvel Select logo.  The back has details about The Watcher and comic covers.  Opening the package you see a great amount of detail sitting on the panel behind the figure tray.  I do want to point out, Uatu was snugly packaged in the figure tray, on top of the snug fit, his cape was fed through the back making him more secure.  Going further than that and well down the path of total overkill, the figure had two ties securing each arm and one tie on each leg.  I have never understood this practice.  Getting the figure out of the package makes enough noise to raise every flag in a retail store, so I can’t except “theft prevention” as a good reason, and I’ve already covered that the figure is more than safe in the package without ties.


The paint and detail here is really second to none.  It does the character incredible justice.  There are soft lines, hard lines, shadowing, and attention to detail something unmercifil.  The blues stand out bright against the white, the golds have a nice shine to them, and the skin has incredible soft detailing.




Articulation img_5814

Pictured above, you have just about the full breadth of articulation for this figure.  The arms raise and lower, spin where the shoulder hits the bicep, bend at the elbow, and at the wrist.  The waist spins in a limited range,the head spins and has limited tilt / swivel.  Otherwise, The Watcher is meant to be looked at more than played with I gather.  For most characters I might be annoyed at the limited range of motion here, but The Watcher watches…and with this range of motion, he can probably do that efficiently.  Going further, the character’s cape and garb are rubbery to the touch and are stiff / un-pose-able.  They look fantastic though and that counts for a lot!

Character Likeness img_5808

Diamond Select, at their scale has never shown me a problem capturing the essence of the character they are modeling and The Watcher hits that mark hard as well.  When I think The Watcher, I’ll have as easy a time picturing the figure as I do the comic page.


The Watcher comes with a base / stand that appears to be a purply bit of meteor.  It’s a little difficult to get him standing in there, and in my case, I will not use it because the character becomes too tall to fit where I need him.  The character stands fine on his own.


This is an outstanding representation of Uatu The Watcher.  The character likeness and detail are phenomenal.  In spite of the limited articulation the figure shines in every way.  I purchased Uatu because after sizing him up, I figured he’d be in excellent scale to stand next to my Marvel Universe 3.75 collection.  I was right and he fits in about as well as the plus-sized Legends BAFs that I have intermingled as well.


Displayed front and center – Perfect score (5 out of 5)



Rating SystemEach figure will be reviewed under the following categories:
Character Likeness
OverallEach figure will then be given an overall grade out of 5 levels:
Displayed front and center – Perfect score
Displayed but more to the side – Second best, nothing wrong with that
Displayed somewhere I might see it – Displayed, it’s good, I like it, not as much as others.
Displayed but buried in the back – Not all that great, but no other options for this figure
Stored* – It’s really not worth displaying.
*This will be caveat-ed, if the figure is excellent but is being moved out in favor of a better version of the same character, this will be explained.


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