Marvel Select Spider-Man

Marvel Select has tackled Spider-Man more than a few times in more than a few flavors.  This however, I believe Marvel Select number 55, is the first attempt at a classic costume Spidey.  I could be wrong, I’m pretty sure I’m not.  Regardless, if you are a fan of Spider-Man, from the comics, and it has to be red and blue for you, this is the most straight forward Marvel Select option and it’s a pretty good one!

The Good

  • As usual, the paint on this Marvel Select figure is spot on and solid.  Clean lines, good shading and shadowing effects.
  • The way Spidey’s feet rest on his included stand give the illusion of the balance that Spider-Man should exhibit.
  • Very sturdy, solid figure, again as usual.
  • Included stand is an awesome representation of a jacked up and busted automobile.
  • Figure is well balanced and stands well on stand and on his own.
  • While articulation is limited, you can still manage some pretty Spider-riffic poses.


The Bad

  • Spider-Man is a figure, that if you are going to take on, absolutely must have limitless articulation.  Missing torso articulation here definitely hurts pose-ability.
  • I would have liked a few extra sets of hands to show off variable web slinging…and maybe a web or two.


The rest

Spider-Man is an absolute must have for any Marvel fan’s collection.  This particular Spidey is a good option.  However, Diamond Select Toys has put out far Superior versions (get it?!). The Amazing Spider-Man 2 versions and the Superior Spider-Man version to name a few, are better options.  But if you want a more traditional Spidey outfit, this one certainly isn’t a bad figure.



 Big Bad Toy Store has him for order.  Your LCS should also have Spider-Man!




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