Marvel Select Silver Surfer

All things being equal, I feel like I’ve waited forever for this figure to come out.  I’ve flirted with it show after show, and waited, not patiently mind you for it’s release mostly about when I was first told I could get my grubby mitts on it.  Silver Surfer was worth the wait.

The Good

  • Diamond Select will never leave you wanting for options when you purchase a figure from them.  Multiple sets of hands, an Infinity Gauntlet, energy blasts, a board, a mount for the board and a stand.  You pay good money for your Marvel Select Figures and I’ve always gotten the impression that DST knows that….and rewards.
  • Infinite pose ability.  There aren’t many scenes from the comics you won’t be able to recreate.
  • With the Surfer we get that much closer to the main cast of the Infinity Gauntlet!
  • The stand offers excellent detail and really gives off that swishing by cosmic surfboard feel.
  • Outstanding paint finish! The universe shimmers right off of the Surfer.

The Bad

  • Packaging. I was opening it thinking wow this isn’t that bad for a figure this size..then I got to a thick tie for every limb plus the waist.  I will never want to understand why toy manufacturers insist on tying down a figure like he’s going to break out all by himself.  Molds nowadays are more than enough to hold the figure in place.  Leave it at that!
  • He doesn’t come with a full transformation into Norrin Radd?

The rest

This is an absolute must have Marvel Select figure.  No if and or but about it.  He’s a bargain at the price of admission and he will fit right in with the rest of your collection, no matter the scale.  Note to customizers.  Get to work! There are a ton of figures you can knock out with a nice buck like this to work from!


 Big Bad Toy Store has him for sale, so you could grab the Surfer there or at your local LCS!

And now…the pictures

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