Marvel Select Hawkeye

One of my earliest favorite Marvel characters was Hawkeye.  In fact, the reason I started collecting and reading comics again, was that I found an awesome 3.75″ Hawkeye figure in a 2-pack, I think it was 2009.  That figure was the literal inspiration for this very site.  So to come back full circle with another amazing, dare I say, even more epic Hawkeye figure is only proper and just.  This Marvel Select Hawkeye I believe was initially released as a Disney Store Exclusive, but the box I have does not show that logo.  While Hawkeye for me was an early and long term favorite, when he’s no t in this particular outfit, he loses a little luster for me.  I’m not a huge fan of the cinematic universe Hawkeye or the modern take on him, but this Clint Barton for me is the one nearest to my heart.


The Good

  • Whenever you have a figure with an accessory that defines the character, they should be able to appropriately display that accessory.  In this case, we have the bow and arrow.  As pictured, it is actually possible to pose Hawkeye with the bow and Arrow in a firing / near firing pose…and that’s fudgin’ awesome.
  • Wasp is included and she’s so teenie tiny!!
  • Paint application is sharp.
  • Facial detail is excellent.
  • The stand comes together easily and makes for a good step in / step out piece for Hawkeye.  Hawkeye balances well on the stand and the peg fits his foot nice and snug like.
  • For me, in my collection, this is the single best Hawkeye action figure, the only display piece that trumps it is a Bowen I paid $250 for…so I should hope it would.


The Bad

  • I love this figure, strictly being nit picky, I’d of liked it if the Wasp figure wasn’t permanently attached to Hawkeye’s arrow.
  • Just go get your own, he’s awesome.


The rest

Hawkeye is a staple Avenger, and this figure gives him to us from the Marvel Select line in his most iconic outfit.  He’s available in all sorts of places for very good prices and there is really no excuse to not have him in your collection already, so get on that.



 Big Bad Toy Store has him up for order.  Your LCS should also have Hawkeye!




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