It was a fantastic time getting to sit with the Marvel Select Guardians of The Galaxy figure series.  In the set we get 5 highly detailed, incredibly articulated, very awesome figures, for characters that we have all grown to love.  I really enjoy each figure and putting the base together (one piece per figure pack) is satisfying and gives you a great display piece.  I have mine setup downstairs on a shelf, but be warned, the base is fairly large and will take up a good chunk of shelf space.  On the huge plus side, you can get all of the figures on it, and while it is uneven in spots (by design / due to it representing actual shapes), the figures do a great job of being able to stand on all of it’s surfaces.  That said, without further ado, …oh wait.

For anyone confused by the Groot review, I loved it, the Groot figure is really just fantastic, the right bulk, amazing facial expression, ankles are a little loose, but otherwise, just absolutely an awesome figure, you’ll want to own it.  

Now…check out the group shots!


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