Marvel Select Gamora and Rocket Raccoon 

Gamora and Rocket Raccoon, a two-fer-Thursday!  But wait… Rocket and Gamora?  Doesn’t Rocket come with someone else?  Maybe we’ve been conditioned to accept that as an inalienable truth, but Diamond Select Toys is breaking the mold here and we’ve got the Green One with the Grumpy Furry One, and I’m not complaining.  This is a really nice set of figures and probably the most articulated Rocket to date.

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The Good

  • So. Many. Weapons.  Gamora comes with 2 sets of guns, monster sword, knife.  All fit perfectly in her hand.
  • Diamond Select really nailed her short hair look.
  • Stoic face captures about 75% of all Gamora expressions, looks fantastic.
  • Gamora features a ton of great articulation allowing for fun action poses.  It’s really rare that a figure gets a two handed sword that they can get two hands on, and that happens here with ease.  She can even manage to swing it above her head!
  • The frame for this figure is perfect, slender yet strong, really adds to the character feel.

The Bad

  • Gamora came with a few sets of hands and just a cache of weapons, which is great, but I’d trade at least half for an alternate head, she’s stone faced here, and that’s one of her expressions, but she also gets very mad, and she has a big sword…see where I’m going with this?
  • On all of the figures of this series the paint has been very clean.  I’m not sure if it’s the dominant white paint on the figure but there is a lot of stray paint here if you look closely.  It’s fine for shelf display, but discerning collectors probably won’t be thrilled about this if it’s prevalent on all Gamora figures and not just a QC issue on mine.
  • Not sure if it’s an issue with just my figure, but I am unable to get any good 

Rocket Raccoon

The Good

  • I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am, this is run away the most articulated Rocket Raccoon figure in the history of Rocket Raccoon figures.  He can move arms, legs, elbows, ankles, head, tail, get into all sorts of fun action poses!  He’s even got tiny ab-crunch!
  • Rocket has a pair of guns all his own.
  • His outfit looks comic great.
  • Expressive angry Rocket face is well captured.

The Bad

  • Like his package mate, Rocket suffers from some stray paint.

The Rest

With this package, you get two complete, desirable action figures that are high quality, that means value.  For the same $24.95 MSRP as the other 3 figures in the series, it’s a literal two for one and that should make mouths happy.  While getting over the stigma of Rocket and Groot being in a different package could take a minute, I realized and you should as well, that Groot on a single card is pretty massive, and at the very least it was probably easier to package Rocket with Gamora due to space reasons more than anything else.  Either way, this set is a must buy, especially since, you’ll want to complete the dio-base, though we have two figures here, we get one base piece with clips.  


 Big Bad Toy Store has them for purchase. also has the set, and I’ve said it before, keep your deal radar up, because it starts at $24.95 at Disney, but coupon codes and sales will save you tons here. 

The Pictures

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