Marvel Select Gambit

Gambit is a character I have been a fan of since his first appearance in the early 90s.  He was kind of the pinnacle of cool in that, my golden era of comic book reading.  He was written with an awesome Cajun drawl, and he got with Rogue.  Not sure what else you can want in a cool character, but he had more.  A great outfit with a nifty head piece, a bo staff, and he could blow up playing cards.  Over the years I’ve amassed some pretty cool Gambit figures starting way back in the day with the original Toy Biz Gambit clad in a plastic trench coat….that figure holds a lot of nostalgia for me…looking back though I guess that was probably the least cool.  This one though, the Marvel Select Gambit, it’s fudgin’ awesome.  Let’s dive in!

The Good

  • Gambit is awash in brilliant accessories.  Kinetically charged cards, check.  Bo Staff, check.  Extra hands, check…wait, check out the pictures, I have two of the same extra right hand!
  • The sculpt here is phenomenal.  Head to toe.  The hair outside of his head piece is comic perfect.  The folds on his coat, the ribbing on the collar, scaling on the boots!
  • Face sculpt oozes 90’s cool.
  • The backdrop included fits together with awesome foldy cleverness.
  • The cards and the ignited cards all fit great in Gambit’s assortment of hands.

The Bad

  • His goatee is very light, his eyebrows are pitch black.  I’d of liked to have seen the carpets match the drapes…that’s what this phrase means right?  Update: This appears to potentially be a factory defect of the figure that I received.

The rest

In this scale, I’m not a big X-Men collector.  With Cable, Gambit marks only my second Mutant (with a third in the wings!  Deadpool!).  I couldn’t be happier with this figure though, he’s great, highly pose-able, awesome accessories, perfect capture of the character.  This kind of has me wishing that Marvel Select put out the core line up of 90’s X-Men.


 Big Bad Toy Store has him in stock and on sale! (as of 1/22/16).  Always check your local comic shop too!



MUReview received these products for free.

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