Marvel Select Drax

Yesterday we had a look at the boss, Star-Lord, today we get a look at the brute, Drax.  Coming as part of Diamond Select Toys 2017 Marvel Select Guardians of the Galaxy series, Drax brings his bulk and looks fantastic doing it.  I’d call him the highlight of the series, but every figure (of the 4 carded, 5 total) shines bright on their own.  Drax has a ton going on, so let’s waste no time and jump in.

The Good

  • Drax has a very solid head / face sculpt, his face is expressive and the shape is perfect.  The outlining around his eyes is especially good, as is the furrowed brow …without eyebrows.
  • Carved in rune / tattoos explode off of his body in bright red.
  • The paint wash on his metallic / armor pieces adds incredible depth to the look and feel of the character.
  • Drax is the character that most transcends his iterations as they all look similar, so this figure will fit with quite a few different team versions, especially at this scale.  So if you collect outside of Marvel Select, he’ll work in a lot of places.
  • Included weapons are appropriate, fit well in his hands, look great, and allow him to show off the muscle.  
  • Drax is very well articulated and just as well balanced.
  • Drax, like Star-Lord and the rest of the gang, comes with a dio-base and clips to connect it to the other 3 pieces included with the other figures, good detail on this piece.

The Bad

  • Drax came with 2 pairs of extra hands and 2 weapons.  I’d of traded either for the below two things:
    • An alternate “angry face” head.
    • A pair of knives with knife holsters on his boots.  This is the first Drax since I think the Silver Surfer series figure in the 90’s that I’ve seen without the knives, and it’s messin’ with my head.

The rest

Settle yourself, you love the Guardians of the Galaxy, that’s why you read this, so you are going to need to pick up this whole set.  I can’t recommend Drax by himself, because I can’t recommend you buy less than the whole set…you don’t have a choice, just go with it, and go get them.  You won’t be disappointed.


 Big Bad Toy Store has Drax available for purchase, along with the rest of the series of Guardians figures.  While I love BBTS, there are incredible deals to be had at  Keep an eye out for coupon codes and 40% off sales, if you save a little cash, it makes it easier to pick up all four figures, and you will want them… I told you that already, pay attention.

The Pictures

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