Marvel Select Doctor Strange

I have been slowly but steadily building up my collection of Marvel Select “Infinity Gauntlet” era figures.  For as long as I have been building this collection, I have had a stand in from another line for one of the most critical players in the Infinity Gauntlet story line, Doctor Strange.  The stand in, for a few years was passable, but now that the real deal is here, …what was before is nearly unbearable. What I’m taking a long time to say is…what took a long time for Diamond Select to release.  An incredible Doctor Strange figure!   One of the best of 2015, to close out 2015.

The Good

  • Beautiful sculpt.  From head to toe, the detail is staggering, age lines, folds, wrinkles, it’s all there.
  • The good doctor is captured in one of his most, one of the most iconic costumes in the history of comics in perfect detail.
  • The cape is in perfect proportion to the figure.
  • Incredible accessories.  An independent Eye of Agamotto on a gold link chain, magic bubble, beautiful stained glass stand.
  • On the back of the package is a teased variant head available….WANT!

The Bad

  • When things are made of plastic, and they are made to look this good, sometimes the looking prevents the moving of a figure.  Such is the case with Doc here.  His tunic slightly limits leg positioning, and to make the tunic look quite so incredible, there is no torso articulation.
  • This is not a knock on the figure, but it is an outcry against the maniacs that decide to put thick wire ties on every single limb and lever of a 7 inch tall figure.  Thanks to said wire ties, and pure frustration in opening, poor Strange’s fingertip on his left hand got snipped a little.  A little glue is a quick fix, but …and it’s definitely worse because it’s the holidays and I’ve been unboxing stuff non-stop for the kids…but so help me if I have to go through another set of 6 wire ties for an action figure I’m gonna pop!

The rest

Doctor Strange comes to me long awaited and is greatly appreciated.  He’s a must have for any Doctor Strange fan, and fits in amazingly well with the particular crew that I am putting together, which is also pictured.


 Big Bad Toy Store has him for pre-order.  Your LCS might should also have Doctor Strange!



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