Marvel Select Deadpool

Deadpool, Merc with a Mouth is one of Marvels most unique characters.  Each comic page is filled with double entendre, adult humor, ultra violence and just general madcap fun.  Deadpool is also one of a rare breed of characters that is self aware and who consistently breaks the fourth wall.  This time thankfully, that breaking of the fourth wall has resulted in one sweet sweet piece of red and black plastic from Diamond Select Toys.  Fans of Wade Wilson will note that he has a movie coming out in just a few days, so boy isn’t this review super relevant!  To that effect, this figure did come out some time ago, but why hold back on the awesome.  Grab your sweetie a Diamond Select Toys Deadpool, take her to the movies on Valentines day to go see Deadpool on screen, and as I’m sure he’d suggest…get some?

The Good

  • Here we have a comic perfect rendering of Deadpool in plastic.
  • Good weight to the figure, good balance, high marks for pose-ability.
  • LOTS of weapon accessories, sais, katana, machine gun, hand guns.  We get back harness for the katana, hip holsters for the guns.  The only downer is there is nowhere to put the sais when not in use.
  • Included stand is highly detailed, fits together nicely and supports Deadpool efficiently.
  • Paint application, as is customary and expected with Marvel Select is spot on, very clean, colors are bright and well defined.

The Bad

  • Wishing the variant head was included.
  • I was unable to get the ankle knife out of it’s holster.  I’m pretty sure it’s made that way, but I didn’t want to try too hard and break it.

The rest

Deadpool is a love-hate character.  If you are reading this, you probably love him.  You are probably going to go see the movie, and you are probably going to love that movie.  Then, when you leave the movie, you are going to be so high on Deadpool love, you’ll want to buy something Deadpooly.  You should buy this.  Because it’s one of my favorite Deadpool things, and definitely my favorite Deadpool figure.  On top of all of this…did you know he  has a cologne?  Wearing it right now, doesn’t smell bad.  My wife puts up with a lot…


 Big Bad Toy Store has him for purchase.  Your LCS should also have Deadpool.  Also, check out local FYEs, I’ve seen him there for a pretty sweet deal.  If all that fails…or if you’d just rather go to Diamond Select Toys, you can certainly do that. 


The Pictures


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