Marvel Select Captain Marvel

When Doctor Strange showed up, the Marvel Select wheels fell off a little bit and I started hunting a bunch more Cosmic based Marvel Select figures.  I started to research the fabled Captain Marvel sub-line.  I call it that, because, Captain Marvel has a lot of freaking variants…a lot of expensive freaking variants!  They all cost a ton of money on the secondary market, because they were limited and released some time ago.  I’m speaking specifically of the Genis-Vell and Kree uniform variant figures.  Honestly, good luck finding those for less than $100 loose.  But this little gem, I found at sub-retail loose, and I’d be nuts not to share it with you because it’s another awesome Diamond Select Toys release!

The Good

  • The paint wash here gives Captain Marvel a mirror of his iconic 70’s / 80’s comic book page look.
  • Bulky body gives weight to the character.
  • Highly detailed stand that fits Captain Marvel perfectly.
  • Plenty of joints to help support good movement, but see the bad for a little more detail here.

The Bad

  • Though Captain Marvel is outfitted with joints for days, many only allow limited motion which limits overall pose-ability.  I give this a caveat though.  It could be that I’m just a wus and I don’t want to force things and potentially break them.  Either way, for my display purposes, he’s awesome.  Ignore this, nevermind!
  • Captain Marvel died of cancer.  …f cancer.

The rest

I’ve been a fan of Captain Marvel for a very very long time.  I’ve got quite a few plastic iterations of Mar-Vell.  I think this is formally, my favorite.


 Big Bad Toy Store has him for sale.



MUReview received these products for free.

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