Marvel Select Cable

I feel like the wait for the Marvel Select Cable has been a long one.  Having been announced first, I believe at SDCC 2014, July 2014 to March 2015, four months shy of a year…well, I guess that is kind of a long time.  The wait is finally over, and now we get to see how worth it it was, because yes….it was worth it!

The Good

  • The Marvel Select Cable looks like an old grizzled veteran of time travel and countless wars and battles.  One look at the gorgeously detailed lines on the face leaves no question that detail is paramount in the line.
  • Cable is a hulking figure.   He’s heavy, and he’s very tall.  His armor bulks him up even more.
  • Paint detail is incredible from top to bottom showing off and highlighting very fine points of detail.
  • Mismatched knee pads are perfect.
  • Cable’s mismatched eyes look downright explosive.
  • Guns, lots of guns, with holsters and holster adapters? Get outta here!!!

The Bad

  • Simply by virtue of size and accessories, Cable isn’t the most pose-able figure you will ever encounter, most noticeable with very limited head movement due to shoulder pads.
  • I’d love it if his flak jacket came off.
  • Only the face mask of Stryfe is included as part of the base…I’d like a whole free second figure, because I’m reasonable like that.

The rest

I open all of my toys.  I don’t play with them.  Because of that, Cable is ideal.  He looks amazing, doesn’t move all that well.  Cable is absolutely a must have for fans of the character, fans of Marvel’s Mutant culture, X-Men or X-Force.  Cable is a great companion to Deadpool on top of it all. If you can find em both in the wild, don’t hesitate to pull the trigger!


 Big Bad Toy Store has him for sale.  Your LCS might have Cable, but wait much longer to get there and you may be disappointed by an empty shelf spot.

Pre-Pictures Post-Script

Thanks to Elijah over at Marvel Legends Alliance (Facebook Group), we have proof that a litte ingenuity, the will to overcome…and a hairdryer can make most things possible.  Cable’s vest can be removed, the figure underneath however isn’t necessarily 100% completely detailed beneath.








And now…the pictures

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